Affiliate Program – Become a Rep for Epilfree Products.

PLEASE NOTE – While we are under shutdown due to Covid19 we have adjusted the cost of this course. The current price for this class is $50 with a $50 voucher towards your opening order. You may see reference about of the $299 cost of the class or $100 voucher which are not valid at this time.

This means, while the affiliate program still work right now we are not running any affiliate commissions during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Affiliates – Commission Earned on Each Sale

Affiliates/Reps – Have your customer sign up for this certification course and purchase one of our kits and you will earn a commission on each sale. Newmark Beauty Academy and the EpilFree Instructional Video Course is the only course of its kind backed by Epilfree USA!. In addition to the course and certification, Newmark Beauty Academy is also giving the student a portion of the class cost as a voucher toward EpilFree products.

Anti-Spam Policy

Affiliates for Newmark Beauty Academy products are prohibited from using any techniques considered to be “spam” by search engines, websites, visitors, prospects, or customers. We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate using marketing techniques that we consider improper.

Earnings Disclaimer

Your success in marketing our products depends on your own efforts, we can make no guarantee of your results.

Material for the promotion of our products

In the affiliate area, we have included the following media and materials for use in your promotion of our products:

  • Product banners in various sizes
  • Social Media swipes
  • Email swipes
  • We are here to answer any questions you may have and to support your efforts in any way we can.